There are different type of phases happen in life. Through which we feel uncertainty. And at this point in time, the WORLD is going through uncertainty due to this Pandemic. And where I’m living there’s hell out here.

Life is full of uncertainties. You never know what is going to happen in the coming future. The best and the worst part is you will never know. Because “Life happens for you”.I don’t if I make sense or not but you can hope and more than that you can have faith. Because life is full of tragedies or you can say chaos you can never know what will be going to happen or what can happen in friction of seconds. Only you can do is maintain calm in this phase.

People think they are going through hell. Trust me on this everybody is going through it. Because if it is your worst day maybe Someone’s it was his best day. It’s just perspective. At this point in time of history, we are living with our insecurities and dreams. It is you who have to decide which you want to water because if you fill your insecurities you will always be scared but if you fight and change your perspective you can change your life.

And I know It’s a difficult phase for everyone. Everywhere is negativity. Everywhere there is uncertainty but guess what you have your perspective, hope, faith. I don’t know if I make sense or not but you will get out of this Phase.